Sunday, September 03, 2006 

GlobalAdsPro : Site Update

WHAT'S SLOWED US DOWN? matter how much good will I have to accomodate those who do not appear to have to 45% match their pending with a new total of active upgrades, I do need to keep in mind overall program performance. And I am getting bogged.
Therefore, another tough decision time: Beginning expiries of Sep. 4th server time, IF you do not have the required 45% left in active upgrades, you will need to work on it if you wish to receive payments. In other words, there is no time limited placed on your account - since it has been at least once upgraded, it is not considered for deletion as is the case with free accounts that have never upgraded (these are removed after 7 days).

In other words, I will now focus on paying first of all those who DO HAVE 45% in active upgrades and are already on the pending list. THEN I'll catch up on all those that need a little help AND are pendings from before, and including, Sep. 3rd. ANY NEW pendings, from Sep. 4th onwards, WILL need to be matched with 45% value in total of active upgrades for payments to be processed - BUT, those who are not able to match immediately, will be welcome to do so WHENEVER they are ready to purchase more upgrades.
Hope I was able to explain this clearly - meanwhile, back to it after a very busy (and enjoyable!) Father's Day here in Oz.
Kudos to ALL Fathers around the globe :)

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Friday, September 01, 2006 

15HitsDaily : Implementing 50/50 cashout rule

After it was brought many times in ASA forum, Bob decided to implement the 50/50 rule for 15HD. Though I agree that this will prolong the lifespan of a popular autosurf as well as hinders "Hit-and-Runners", the fact remains that an autosurf is a game and has a shelflife that will end once there are no longer any interest. 50/50 rule is only prolonging the inevitable. Autosurfs evolves everyday, coming out with new ideas and better returns with only one sole purpose.. to rope in new members and greed is very potent.

Dear Members,

We have witnessed tremendous growth and success in both 15hitsdaily and treo-surf, memberships have increased rapidly, the VM automatic upgrade system is working perfectly with the exception of a small glitch on VM's side of the fence, but that has been fixed.

In this letter I will address several topics. I have always been a strong believer in good communication, you cannot run a business by not letting the right hand know what the left hand is doing. The first thing I would like to discuss is the 50/50 rule. There has been much talk about this and who is for it and who is against it. This is something that needs to happen in order for our program to build momentum and to insure longevity. It is never my desire to hold any members money hostage, my only desire to create a viable business model that will sustain itself and promote growth. I’m quite sure that you will agree, we need stability in this industry. The 50/50 rule helps to provide a certain level of stability. If you are apposed to this rule it could be due to a lack of understanding as to the intention of the rule. Please try and stay open minded as we move forward.

As of Sep 15, 2006 we will implement the 50/50 rule on, I understand there will be some that choose to leave the program and some will stay, I humbly request that if you choose to leave the program that you not speak negative or derogatory about us, as we have done all that we can to keep this program going, I feel that I have taken care of you as best I can and would appreciate your kind attention to this fact. Thank you in advance.

Also, I am aware of the references to “Midas surf” in some parts of our site, let meassure you 15hitsdaily or Treo-surf are in no way connected “Midas Surf” except for the fact that we both use the same website security and programming company. The script that was used on Midas surf is the same script for both of our sites and some details were just over looked prior to our launch. We are locating these references to Midas surf and removing them promptly.

Virtual Money cards, We are sending the VM cards out as fast as we can. There are a lot of orders and it takes time. Please be patient as we will get all orders processed as quickly as possible, Also There are 175 VM cards sent out that still have not been activated. I would kindly ask that you not request a free VM card if you have no intention of using it.

We have drafted the final version of the 50/50 rule and we will be adding it to both sites A.S.A.P.
When the terms of the 50/50 rule are posted I will announce it via email.

One last point, We have resumed our original plans of building a network of sites, Treo-Surf is the second of 5 sites that will be launched by the end of 2006. Please join me in celebrating the forward movement in our business plan.

Thank you all for your continued support.

15hitsdaily Admin

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GlobalAdsPro : Hacked again

This is the second time GAP's e-gold was changed. This time it was changed to 3536077. Best way to protect yourselves is to keep a list of e-gold account of all the autosurf programs you join. Use Roboform's Safenotes to do that, it's easy once you get use to it.

Here's Trish's take on how the hacker manage to change GAP's e-gold number,
well, right now I think the only way they are left with is the actual memo field on the e-gold payment interface... it is not like the hackers get [as in "walk in"] to my space on the server and do stuff...they simply use any space where they can post a link containing a script line, which in turn does the trick of replacing the egold number with theirs...they would do that usually via the link submission [now ya all know why my link approving staff are in place - and TRUST's a shocker of a job going through each link daily - she's my angel]...they would also do it via the signup page [this has been secured and none of the fields will accept anything that could resemble a script]...they would do it via the profile edit page [well, that is still waiting for T.'s clone to get to and secure somehow or at least attempt before enabling for members]...they also are somehow able to do it while creating a new account via e-gold affiliate link if such is posted on site [these are now gone off GAP's face] - so there ya go - ways of hackers' I've learned so far just by looking my eyes out day in day out...until next time they get inventive - and ya thought I was here with my feet up sipping on margaritas :D ;)

I am determined to work out a way of securing that dang e-gold payment form - it should realy be something e-gold people should have done long time ago. As well as setting the e-gold account name UNIQUE - I really feel like talking to somebody with brains there [if such person exists]. Meanwhile I have to try my own best :?

back to payouts...

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Thursday, August 31, 2006 

PrivateDailySurf : Gone

Well, this was expected...Site is now gone. I would avoid BurningSurf as well.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 

GoldCoders : Hacking Clients

Didn't we establish this a long time ago? :)

Anyway, for those who don't know who GoldCoders are, they provide those common HYIP scripts you often see in questionable HYIPs. Here's a same of their template

Here's a post from a latest victim..
Hi! I was admin of yesterday I recieved e-mail that I must buy a license, than after 2 minutes I looked on my site and stats was going wrong-all active users got deleted,and plans also! I thinked maybe some bug in server, than I got another e-mail from that I must buy license as fast as possible, and again after 2 minutes when I was finished restoring site another time they deleted stats sad.gif
Than I started to think why each time when I recieve message from them my site is going down!
Than I seted up server on my own pc, and I had now dedicated server!
But than I said in forums that I'll go sleep because I was really tired, and guess what-After 10 minutes I can't login to my site admin panel! I tryed 7 times to do it, but nothing than I just go to sleep maybe there was some bug, But now When I waked up there was a lot of investors in investors last10, and I looked in my e-gold account THERE WAS ZERRO in ballance, From yesterday when I was sleeping no money came in my account, And I was trying some 2 hours to fix it, But It was impossible to get my admin panel password, than I go in Phpmyadmin to fix it manualy but in database was my old settings eaven in settings was my old e-gold account, but when I'm trying to deposit all money is going to some another account!
And THE BEST IS THAT WHEN I LOOKED IN PHPMYADMIN where is access logs Ip showed: but It's not my ip! Than I looked in my e-mails which goldcoders where sent me yesterday, and it was same ip what was in my hyip admin panel!
That hacked my admin panel ,changed passwords, and e-gold account number, They are stupid Pigs ! I have reported them to e-gold and another 1 good place, and If they will be cought they will need to pay a very large fees smile.gif
GOLDCODERS ADMIN if YOU READ THIS-THAN YOU ARE STUPID ! It's illegal to hack your cusstomers!
GOLDCODERS ARE SCAMMERS, They have some bug in their scripts, that why they can access to they script users sites!
Admins please don't delete this post! Please don't delete it, I want to let to know that don't use that goldcoders script, they will hack you!

And All users- We will get new script not GC and we will be back after some 1-3 hours!

Links :-

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E-Gold : Typo

An error made by someone in e-gold few hours ago caused a bit of panic. E-gold was listed as USD$318.00 per oz when it should have been USD$618 per oz.

Error has now been rectified and everything seems to be back to normal.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006 

GlobalAdsPro : Cashout Rule Changes

A lot of work AND thinking has been done this end.
I do hope that not many of you wish to see me dead [as in "dead person" who forgot to eat and sleep] nor dead GAP [as in the admin had no time left for business but to process payouts]. The following is to aide both to stay alive:

1. Effective immediately, in order to receive payouts, your remaining active upgrades will need to add up to AT LEAST 45% of your pending payout.
for example:
your pending payout is $378
your remaining upgrades will need to add up to AT LEAST $$170.10

2. 3rd upgrade option is added - to help you ease into the change and spread yourselves a little.

PLEASE NOTE: a "more-or-less" approach will be adopted for the next few payout runs (so if your remaining upgrades are around the 45% mark, you'll be fine). However, if you have been doing the $1 thing while awaiting a $1260 payout, you'll need to change your ways, I'm afraid.

We've got a good thing going here and I trust you realise this. I am a rather dedicated person and, like it or not, there must be something right I've been doing for the past few years to keep me still around and not burning of shame.

Kind regards to all

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Monday, August 28, 2006 

GlobalAdsPro : Hacked

GAP's e-gold number was changed to 3534715 (TotalRuneRevamped) yesterday. However, this isn't TRR's account, the hacker was just having some fun with TRR's name.

Sadly, a couple of GAP members was duped before a limit was placed on that account.

On the bright side, Trish got it all fixed.

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12By12Daily : Update

Things are looking up for 12By12Daily.

Hi everybody,
A quick update.

1. Contact Requests. Please make sure your email is necessary before emailing us. While we were working on fixing the accounts a staggering 90% of the emails we received were unnecessary, as they had already been answered in the updates. Many were asking for payments, but by the time we got to read them the payouts had already been done. many others were asking for their account to be corrected, and we had already advised members in the updates that corrections would be done at the time of payout. Apart from the extra workload this is thrusting upon us, it is also unfair on those members who have genuine issues that need to be resolved.

2. Payouts. On a brighter note, we managed to catch up on all the payouts in just a little over the 5 days we promised. There were some members who had 2 expired upgrades and reverted to free members, which suffered further delays, and I apologise for that, but they have all been caught up now. All other eligible payouts have been paid every day, on time, for 16 consecutive days and will continue that way. Don't forget, that to be eligible for payout you must have an active upgrade.

3. Referral commission. In order to catch up the outstanding surfing payments we had to put referral commissions on hold. The reason for this was that in many cases they were being credited twice. We are working on a new system, whereby referral commissions will be paid separately, and should have some good news for you on that front in a few days.

4. Canadian Members who have been having trouble loggin in, we are in touch with our host, and Sympatico, and hope to have a resolution for you soon.

5. Incorrect Cash Balances or Pending Balances. Please do not email us about this. We are aware of it, and as advised previously they will be fixed at the time of cashout. Also, if you happen to miss a days surfing for any reason, there is no need to email us, you will be credited for the full 12 days surfing on each upgrade.

Happy surfing

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Saturday, August 26, 2006 

Uniclear : Suspending Transactions

Good thing I stopped using them long ago. Mail from Uniclear.

Dear UniClear Customer,

In light of recent events, we sincerely regret to inform you that we are
suspending all transactions other than credit card processing for merchants
for at least 120 days. This is due to the fact that the issues surrounding
our problems with Wachovia, debit cards, ACH and our previous credit card
processor have resulted in almost no new business, making it impossible to
continue business at this time.

Instead we will continue to pursue legal actions against Wachovia, the State
of Delaware and others in order to recover every last penny that has been
frozen that belong to our clients. The funds are by no means lost, just tied
up in litigation. These matters can and often do take lengthy court
proceedings and has resulted in this temporary suspension of services.

Furthermore, we are suspending all Canadian issued UniClear debit cards
indefinitely as a result of continued difficulties with the Financial
Institutions Commission of British Columbia (FICOM). Previous balances are
being credited back to UniClear accounts.

During this 120 day period:

We will not be accepting any funds for credit to any UniClear accounts;
We will not be offering any debit cards or card loads;
We will not be honoring any funds transfer requests from any UniClear
We will not be providing telephone or email support for any UniClear

We are working to succeed through tremendous difficulties, including
Wachovia Bank and the State of Delaware freezing millions of dollars in
assets, our merchant and credit card processing being discontinued
unexpectedly, and a cease and desist order issued against our Canadian
debit card platform.

These issues have eliminated many of our most profitable services and
created constant delays for our customers, which has caused immeasurable
damage to our reputation and slowed our business to a crawl. We cannot
afford to employ the staff necessary to support your accounts until we
resolve these issues and resume merchant processing.

We appreciate your understanding and continued patience during the next
120 days.



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